A Rewarding Taiwan Visit

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In April 2014, CEO Crop Bioscience Solutions Ltd, Mr. Wilfred Mushobozi visited Taiwan Banana Research Institute- Pingtung. The purpose of the visit was to learn Taiwan Banana Tissue Culture Technology and commercial micro propagation. The institute produce 10 Million Banana plantlets per year that support Taiwan banana export oriented production. Since the visit, Crop Bioscience Lab facility has started to implement Taiwan technologies in production of banana plantlets.

Discussion with distinguished scholars at Academica SINICA in Taipei; Biochemistry Nobel Laureate Prof Lee and Prof. Feng discoverer of banana bacterial wilt resistant gene

Banana Satellite nurseries model in Taiwan

Each Banana production province in Taiwan is served by 2-3 satellite nurseries for easy access of banana plantlets to farmers. This model can be duplicated in Tanzania and elsewhere in East Africa.

Crop Bioscience Solutions Ltd in partnership with AGRA SSTP

In Dec 2014, CBS Signed an agreement with Agra Scaling seeds and Technology partnership (SSTP). A three year partnership is focusing on sustainable seed potato in northern Tanzania. The Interventions include invitro production of Irish potato seeds, production of G1 minitubers and accelerating the adoption of high yield potato seeds to small scale farmers in northern Tanzania.

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