Message from CEO

A message from CEO: Mr Wilfred Mushobozi, MSc Agriculture- Crop Protection, Dipl. Business Management Systems (BMS)

Developing countries like Tanzania are at crucial stage of war against food insecurity and rural poverty. Growing populations, urbanization, unemployment, drought, desertification, pests and disease pressure, deforestations are some of the reasons to improve the management of agricultural production. Measures to supply the country growing needs for food and food related products must be taken urgently. One of the tools to assist the country to unlock its agricultural potential is the application of Biotechnology along with principles and methods of crop production.

In 2012, Crop Bioscience Solutions Ltd started its operations using advanced laboratory facilities. This modern biotech facility is vital for Tanzania Agricultural sector not only for supplying planting materials for the food needs but also to contribute greatly to Tanzania economy.

At Crop Bioscience Solutions Ltd we remain committed in delivering technology that will enhance Tanzania Agriculture competitiveness and respond to farmers unique needs.

We thanks you for your support

Wilfred Mushobozi
CEO-Crop Bioscience Solutions Ltd

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