1. Commercial Tissue Culture banana varieties :- Williams, Grand Nain, Chinese Cavendish; Cooking type l bananas like local ushale, matoke- Inshakala, Inyoya, Mbwazirume and Kazirakwe; Plantains –Mzuzu.
  1. Sweet potato Orange Fleshed sweet potato seed cultivars: Naspot9. Naspot10, Jewel, Mataya,Kiegea,Mayai,Ejumlaand Bela; White fleshed cultivars: Polista and Naspot11
  1. Disease free cassava seed cultivars: Kiroba, Mkombozi and Kibaha
  1. Seed Potato cultivars: Meru, Sherehekea, Tengeru, Asante, Shangi(Obama)

Crop Bioscience Solutions collaborates with other local and international breeding institutions like Mikocheni Research Institute, IITA and CIP to access promising varieties that are high yield and resistance to diseases.

Project Portfolio under implementation

  1. Sustainable Seed Potato Value Chain in Partnership with AGRA –SSTP program
  2. Production and adoption of Tissue Culture Banana and Orange Fleshed sweet potato
  3. New Cassava varieties and Clean seed to Combat CBSD and CMD(5CP) in partnership with IITA
  4. Keeping disease free sweet potato vines to farmers in partnership with LZARDI –Ukiriguru
  5. Mass production of coffee hybrid varieties using somatic embryogenesis in partnership with TaCRI

Concept note under Development

  1. Delivering Disease free TC banana seedlings ( matoke type) to Kagera region farmers to address Banana Bacteria Wilt (BBW).
  2. Production of microbio inoculants for leguminous crops.

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